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General Engines and Fuel Systems:
• Inspect fuel lines, including fill and vent hoses, for softness, brittleness or cracking
• Check all joints for leaks and make sure all lines are well supported with non-combustible clips or straps with smooth edges
• Inspect fuel tanks, fuel pumps and filters for leaks. Clamps should be snug and free of rust. Clean fuel filters.
• Inspect cooling hoses and fittings for stiffness, rot, leaks and/or cracking. Make sure they fit snugly and are double-clamped.
• Every few years, remove and inspect exhaust manifold for corrosion.
• Clean and tighten electrical connections, ends of battery cables. Wire-brush battery terminals & fill cells with distilled water.
• Inspect bilge blower hose for leaks.

Inboard Engine(s):
• Change oil & filters
• Check and change fuel filters
• Check and change engine zincs
• Check cooling system change coolant as necessary
• Check belts for tension
• Check transmission fluid
• Check and clean backfire flame arrestor
• Check impeller
• Check and clean water strainer & bilge blower

Outboard Engine(s):
• Replace spark plugs
• Check plug wires for wear
• Check prop for nicks and bends
• Change/fill gear lube
• Inspect fuel lines, primer bulb and tank for leaks
• Lubricate and spray moveable parts
• Inspect rubber outdrive bellows for cracked, dried and/or deteriorated
spots (look especially in the folds), and replace if suspect
• Check power steering and power trim oil levels. Replace worn-out zincs.

• Check battery water level
• Check/recharge batteries
• Check terminals for corrosion, clean and lubricate
• Inspect all wiring for wear and chafe
• Test all gauges for operability
• Check all lighting fixtures (including navigation lights)
• Check all electronics for proper operation

• Check rollers and pads
• Check and lubricate wheel bearings & winch
• Lubricate tongue jack and wheel
• Test lights and electrical connections
• Check tire pressure and condition
• Check brakes (if equipped)
• Check safety chains & tongue lock
• Inspect frame for rust and sand/paint as required

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