{ winterization }

outboard engine
change gear oil, fog cylinders, change oil and filter, add fuel stabilizer, disconnect battery, pressure checking, grease fittings & pivot points.
*** NO LOOSE ENGINES OVER 15 HP! Engine must be on a boat! ***

Basic Includes:
Drain block, antifreeze, fog cylinders, stabilize fuel, change gear oil, engine oil & filter, water separating fuel filter, check fluids, disconnect battery & inspect hoses & belts.
Premium includes: Basic plus remove outdrive, gasket kit, grease driveshaft splines & check engine alignment. *manufactor recommends preforming this every 2 years.

{ shrink wrap & storage }

winter storage period runs from Labour Day weekend to Victoria Day Weekend. Storage beyond this time is subject to extra charge. all WINTER STORAGE is outdoors IN A LOCKED, PATROLED, FENCED IN COMPOUND!!!

shrink wrap & pick up, or leave it with us for the winter! Professional tent style shrink wrapping, ventilation, mold & mildew bag, moth balls & blocking.

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